All you car people?

I gotta 99 Ford escort and the heat in it only gets Luke warm when it's turned up full blast. About a week ago I went and had the heater core flushed out but it didn't help. What else could be the problem and would it be expensive to fix? I don't know shit about cars so I can't do it myself.


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  • Did u get ur sensors checked too?


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  • Well maybe you just need to replace the heater core? Does the air come out strong or weak? (If weaker than normal, could be blower fan).

    Honestly I didn't even know a heater core could be "flushed out" so.


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  • I know more about older cars.. I've heard some draw heat from the engine.. Are you letting the car warm up first? And try to check the duct work... Criters could have tore something up... Check the connections for corrosion or lossnes/damage... Orbu could move to texas... Its 65 here

  • Maybe it just has a shit heater. Get it replaced not just flushed out would be my advice.

    • Isn't that really expensive

    • I'm not sure but if you take it to an auto electrical place they specialize in all that stuff and they'll be able to give you a quote.