"imaginary friends"?

Okay so they aren't exactly imaginary friends that I pretend to talk to. I feel like im a nut or something, but in my head I made up certain people. They have birthdays, they have different personalities, they have hobbies, etc. And I just like to day dream about them. And I think of certain scenarios with them. I've been doing this for 3 years.
It actually makes me really said when I think about how they aren't real, and how they never will be.
This actually led me to even make fake accounts on websites with them, I dont know why. And i was actually catfishing people for 10 months (this was at the beginning) until i confessed they were fake and deleted the accounts.
I feel like im crazy, am I? :/


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  • You should write a book, and call it 'The Holy Bible'.


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  • Yes You sounds a bit unusual but what do i know!


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  • Why don't you just become a writer? Sounds like you'd be good at making a book about characters you're heavily connected with and invested in.

  • I dont see anything wrong with it. you're not hurting anyone


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