Will walking make you lose weight and tone your body?

I have a hard time having time and motivation to do sport, i had time when i walked few weeks and lost few pounds, now im thinking in this winter break i will walk everyday like an hour walking would this change my body after a month?


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  • If you have a healthy diet too.

    • Yes im thinking to have early dinner or none at all i think this way u lose weight more

    • No, skipping meals doesn't aid weight-loss. It slows down your metabolism, and stops your getting the energy it needs. That is an unhealthy thing to do.

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  • If you power walk, yes.

    • What do u mean power walk

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    • Oh i get it now, thanks will try it

    • No problem. I think everyone loses weight at different levels, but I walked to college in my freshman year and that's all I had to do to lose some weight and get thinner legs. Good luck!

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  • it depends on your diet. why not start walking faster and break into a little jog for a few minutes. walk 10 mins, jog 5 mins. rinse and repeat.

    keep doing that and build your fitness up slowly.

  • That will definitely help but the most important factor is your nutrition. If you don't eat healthy you won't lose anything. Walking an hour a day is good but make sure you eat lots of vegetables and low fatty/sugary foods. A healthy pace is losing about 1 pound a week so during the break you can lose like 5 pounds. Not bad at all.