I came up with a great idea today?

do you think airlines should give people the option to board flights where no muslims are on the same flight?


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  • I'd rather avoid the drunken passengers, hurlers, misbehaving children, and obese people who steal my arm rest than discriminate against one of the largest sects of humanity but that's just me.


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  • I'll be honest and say I'd choose the no muslims flight, but a hijack is much more difficult these days so they sneak devices on through baggage handlers or, in the case of the plane brought down over Egypt, through the food and drink (they reckon the bomb was hidden in a drinks can). So if there was the option to board a plane prepped exclusively by non-muslims and also not boarded by any muslims- that would be way more preferable and there's no getting away from the fact that it would be safer. I don't give a fuck about political correctness when it comes to my safety.


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  • No, I think that's a terrible idea. Apart from it being wrong ethically... how are you gonna prove or disprove that somebody is/ain't a muslim? Have you ever seen a passport where it says "this person is 70% christian, 20% wicca and 10% plain confused"?