I'm addicted to naproxen sodium?

I have to take it everyday, twice a day, more, or else I feel wrong. Even if I'm not in pain, my brain makes up excuses for me to take it. Or I'll search for pain just to take it. I can't sleep without it.

Is this common? People getting addicted to naproxen sodium? (Aleve)

I take 550 mg pills, usually two of them, twice a day or more. It's from a doctor (although I could have gotten it OTC), I originally got it for my TMJ pain, but take it far more than I should need too.


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  • It's not to common but you could get liver disease and it's probably a blood thinner like most pain relievers so if you get a cut it won't clot very good


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  • Get help. You might think this is a mild normal thing to do but it isn't. It could lead to something worse. Be careful to let yourself go and think you can stop doing this. Addiction is not a game you should play.


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  • No, you aren't.

  • Stop taking it everyday. Aleve will mess you up if you take it everyday.

    • I'm trying to stop taking it, for like the last 2 days, and I feel like crap without but yeah.

    • Go down to Tylenol since it comes in a weaker dosage.

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