What do you think of the volkwagen beetle?

What do you think of the volkwagen beetle?

I want to get one but my friends find it girly and thinks its like a barbie doll :(
barbie car*


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  • It's definitely a Barbie car. The design is pretty impractical - a consequence of keeping the overall shape the same as the classic Beetle while moving the engine to the front.

    I suppose it's not a bad car for city dwellers, as the wheels are almost at the corners of the car, making it easy to get in and out of tight parking spots, but visibility sucks, access to the back seat sucks, the backseat itself sucks (no headroom), and there's very little cargo room.

    The VW Gulf/Rabbit is far more practical, and the Jetta even more so. Of course, German cars are very expensive to maintain in the US, which is why I recommend Hondas and Toyotas...

    • i'm 5'2 so i need a small car or i can't see where i'm going :(

    • The new Beetle actually has a very high dash, meaning it's harder to see in front of you than with many other cars. A Civic, Corolla, or Gulf/Jetta would all be easier to see out of. i recommend you visit some dealerships and actually sit in all of these cars first.

    • true thanks for your advice! :)


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