What do you think of my socks?

It's a dog on a surfboard

What do you think of my socks ?

Y'all better respect my fashion


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  • You kids today, with your high socks. We would have kicked someone's ass for wearing those when I was your age in '96😂 I'll wear no-shows til I die, I only have pics of myself as a young kid from when my parents still dressed me wearing long socks pulled up, haha, we already figured out that was a bad look after the 80s. Can't lie though, those are pretty fresh👍 Always hilarious to me how all this stuff that went out of style in my teen years are huge with teenagers today... the socks, SnapBack hats, I'm even seeing overalls out there again. It's all been done before, Youngblood. The moral of the story: save your clothes, they'll be back in style in 15-20 years, haha.

  • nice they need a wacky Christmas sweater to go with em.

    • I bought them in the summer 😂

    • Yeah but they look like they should be worn with a wacky Christmas Sweater, crazy sacks have to have a crazy shirt.

  • Sweetness dude 😎