Why do I have a hard time sympathizing with others?

i've noticed that whenever someone feels sad or depressed or sth... i try to help them out at first but when they dont listen to me i just move on... i wonder why?

like if one of my friends has gone through a breakup i just tell them they feel that the world has come to an end rn but eventually they will move on and find someone better... but when he/she tells me i'm wrong i just get annoyed and move on...

I don't know... i feel mean i wonder whats wrong with me


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  • The most important property when dealing with people that are in trouble or depressed, is patience. Also when they freak out. Maybe you don't have the patience to persist when they don't react as you would have wished? :D

    • yeah i totally dont. plus i went through those so i tell them how to recover and try to help them out. but they just dont listen so i'm like ok i'm outta here

    • Yeah that's typical to people who're depressed, they don't want to listen... you have to stay calm and more or less try to lead them out of trouble. But it takes lots of patience and the capacity to get insulted and take it without freaking out yourself.
      In the end, the person will be grateful but at first there's this big resistance to doing that effort to get out of trouble :o

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  • They just need time. Keep encouraging them and eventually they will come around. Emotional people are not usually rational but they will appreciate your support. They need you, especially if they don't realize it.

    It's hard being a good friend sometimes. I've gone through the same thing with my friends and it only brought us closer.


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  • love is gifted by God with time and prayer. thats why.


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  • Don't sympatize just be there for them!