How many paragraphs PER QUESTION should you write for a 4 question essay exam?

The exam will 4 questions

3 long essay questions
1 section with 5 questions that are supposed to be 1 paragraph each

How many paragraphs or words should I have for the 3 long essay questions we will be asked?

The exam is 3 hours long but the professor says most of us should be finished in 2 hours.


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  • We had essay questions that had to be at least 250 words per answer... The longer ones had to be between 400-600 words... Id say if you prove that you have an understand of the question and answer it efficiently, you should be good. For safety, I'd shoot for at least 400 words per answer. Hope that helps.


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  • However many necessary to get the point across. Sometimes I would put just one for a question

  • How many points are the questions worth?

    • The first 2 essays are worth 20% each for a total of 40%. the third essay is worth 25% for a total of 65. The last 5 essays are worth 7% each for a total of 35%

    • Ok i see

      Considering how professors grade exams. A good strategy would be:

      First 2 - give her 20 points... you need to hit all marks. In the body give about 5 ideas with 5 supporting points if you can. Intro and conclusion should tie in the other 10 marks. Id say about a page at least for these ones.

      3rd- this one is the longest...1.5 pages for sure

      Last 5 - 7 suporiting points for each question is a good benchmark

      kinda see where im going with this?

    • But it depends at what level is the course at... if its a high level like university then yes id go with that. But also the teacher said it should only take 2 hours so maybe he's not looking for too much

      Depends... if 7 points commands a full paragraph id figure 20 marks commands a full page. And 25 marks a page and a half :)
      Good luck

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  • Sounds like an AP test. It should always be five paragraphs at least per essay. You need your introduction/ thesis, three evidence/ supporting paragraphs, and a conclusion.

  • however long you feel it should be.. dont pressure yourself to make it longer. just write as much as it takes to explain the answer thoroughly. good luck :)

  • Write as much as you have to say