Are Latin Americans and Blacks very racist?

I have a friend from central America and one from Ethopia and they both said their people are more racist than white people but hide it well and because they are a minority they can get away with it as society is geared in their favor. Is this true?


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  • You don't seem to have a very thorough, fully developed understanding of race in today's world. Race is a multi-layered topic and because racism has been constructing for centuries, it's not so simple and basic as "Well if ____does it then it's racist no matter what race it comes from!" I would have to know more about precisely what was said in order to really give you an in-depth answer.

    The layers of racism often involve racial self-hatred and mental inferiority complexes among minorities which appears to be what you are talking about. It's not that Ethiopians are racist, it's that many of them like to mistakenly think they are superior so that they don't have to get off of their lazy ass and address their true flaws and shortcomings as an individual. They don't want to be associated as African although they are from Africa and the only reason they possess rich, melanin skin is due to their African blood. I've noticed the same thing within the Latin community.

    I made a point to learn about this in depth as a mixed Brazilian with African blood. Unfortunately, not every other mixed/minority individual takes the time and reserves a humble space in their mind to do the same.


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  • Ususally they are in my opinion. Most racists people I've met were black...

    They are thr tow poorest races in thr US and least educated as well... Latinos have the highest hs drop ou rate next to black. ... and they have children way to young and lose their life potential.

    It's all related in my opinion

  • EVERYONE is racist. And I mean everyone.

    • How do you know?

    • We always try and find something we don't like about someone. everyone is a little of everything.