Girls, why is it girls are more open online but yet closed either when they meet me face to face or after doing that?

I socialize with girls in 2 ways either face to face or online and with some girls I might do both but I noticed that girls online will act weird, be open, and only be a little shy while girls I met in person before online is really closed, really secretive, and sometimes a little anti social


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  • It's because when you say stuff online, it's basically just your computer and you. It doesn't feel intimate or personal, you can say whatever the fuck you want and there will be little to no consequences. But in real life you actually have to deal with people watching you, judging you. Physically. Online, that kind of judgment (or being "watched") is barely even a tangible concept. It's kind of like getting a bit tipsy. It lowers your inhibitions.

  • It's not that easy for some people.
    They're just afraid of speaking their mind face to face.
    I really don't mind, I talk normally.

    • That's weird my friend amber talks to me a lot in person she used to talk to me online but for some reason she stopped almost as if she just wants to talk to me in person all the time

    • Well, I prefer face to face talk too

  • Most people are more brave behind a screen.

    • Some a little too brave some girl who I was in a emo group with on facebook started sms me then video chatting