How do you believe a mascot will react if he/she was being attacked? Would you attack a mascot if you were given the chance?

I just wonder how they'll react if they were being attacked... will they still act silly most of them or get up and chase u back?

I remember once like 10 years ago there was a guy who gave a punch to a bunny mascot... but dis mascot was still actin silly and didn't do anything... only one who reacted was a guy who was standin next to him (or her?) and shouted "Hey! Wot r u doin? Leave!"...

And here's a funny video about a mascot gettin OWNED... hahahhaa...

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  • If a mascot wants to keep their job they're probably going to have to keep up the act. With that said, I don't get the need to attack a mascot anyway.


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