How do you feel when people offer you, essentially, empty platitudes when something happens?

Like when something that's pretty much unavoidable happens. Or when someone says sorry for something they kinda had nothing to deal with? Do you appreciate the sentiment or are you indifferent or do you get kind of peeved when people offer empty apologies and stuff? When the situation flips, do you offer the same empty platitudes?
I personally run from somewhat bewildered to kinda annoyed. Usually I don't offer the same in return - I'll acknowledge it but I got nothing to say about it so I won't say anything.


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  • I understand your annoyance. Quite a few people might be processing their own dilemmas (consciously or unconsciously). I do think that there are times where I say little to nothing to someone's problems but with more focus on "wordless compassion." It's hard for me to describe but easy to understand this.


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