Please help! How to help a little bird falling down from her nest?

I saw her this morning on my balcony. Her friends (other birds) flying around in a very high places but no one help her all morning. I can't find the nest either. And she couldnt fly, yet moved slowly on the ground, not injure.
Please help! How to help a little bird falling down from her nest?
I have tried to give her some water by my eye drop bottle. I boiled some cereals but its hard to put it in her mouth cause het mouth is tiny. Therefore I mashed the cereals and put them in an eye drop bottle too (not sure if it works). I tried to find some information on the internet but there are not much.

What should I do, should I place the box inside the house or outside where her mom could found? Beside insects and worms what can I feed her (cause its hard to find insect and worm here). Should I feed her milk?

Thank you!


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  • To be honest, the odds of that bird surviving is extremely slim. Once they fall from their nest they are highly unlikely to survive. It might seem sad, but that's the way of nature.

    To have any chance at all, you either need to take it to professionals, (who may not do anything) or do some serious research. Like identify the species. Learn what food the chicks eat, etc. You'll might also need to keep it warm, but you need to look that up also.

    In the meantime, keep it company and love it so it has somebody there at the end. That's not for the bird though, that's for you.

    • Well, we're waiting on a birdie update. So how is the adopted birdie doing?

    • Well I tried my best but she didn't pass. Thanks to your advise, I did prepare for it so did not very sad.

    • Poor birdie. I had one last summer that didn't make it either. It was in the hot sun. I tried to move it to shade but it was too scared and freaked out. I left it some water but it wouldn't drink it. Whenever I went out there I could see it panting because it was scared. So I just left it alone and let nature take it's course.

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  • Oh lord, stop. Call a local wildlife centre, and organise someone to collect the bird, or take it in yourself. I know you're trying to help, but you're actually only hurting the bird. It needs care from people who know what they're doing, who have the knowledge to help the bird while maintaining it's ability to be independent.

    • Okay, we dont have wildlife centre here :(

      Im asking for everyone may know about taking care of bird.

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    • @ichot thank you I will try

    • I think you'd find most countries have groups of people who do rescue and rehabilitation of wildlife. You'd have to do some research on them, sometimes they're quite obscure.
      I'm not trying to sound harsh, but there's a good chance that bird is going to die, unless it receives proper care. Hand rearing a bird is not easy, and even harder when that bird is actually wild.

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  • Give her painkillers like take the pill and crush it into small parts and put it in the water and give to her and just put her in a comfortable place and if she's bleeding or anything just stop the bleeding clean it first then put a very small bandages on it

    • Oh she is not injure, the red thing is just to keep her warm. I just wonder about the food. Thank you.

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    • Thank you, im using cooked rice and bean

    • Cool that will do 😊

  • wow, I don't know but that sounds like a very interesting experience.

    That chick looks adorable.

  • You want to save her, keep your cat away from it.

    • Oh I dont have a cat Lol, the profile pic is my dream cat, yet I will becareful to other animal that can appear and harm her. q

  • Maybe if you felt even a millionth of compassion for men... through dating, relationships, marriage and divorce. Maybe if you felt even a zillionth of this for the widespread oppression of men.

    But no.

    Anyway yeah, give it some milk and seeds.

    • What? What your first 5 lines even means? You mean i shouldn't care of the bird?

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  • Don't feed a bird milk. They would never eat it in nature, ever.

    Try kitten food (canned) mixed with mashed meal worms. Meal worms can be purchased at the pet store. You need to identify what type of baby bird she is. If she is a carnivore, the food I listed above should be good for her. She looks like a young fledgling, so she has a better chance than a bald chick. But there is little chance she will make it to adulthood without professional care. Be prepared for the worst but have hope.

    Stop feeding her grains. Don't feed her cereal. If she's a carnivore, she needs protein. Wet kitten food and meal worms will suffice. I think this might work for fruit eating/vegetarian bird babies as well.