If America is directly and indirectly responsible for about 600,000 deaths why would they want to ban them from coming to their country?


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  • It's like vomitting all over the he bathroom drunk but then being too hungover to clean it up


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  • To stop them from killing you.

    • You see the madness no?

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    • Past seems to be repeating itself is all and nope not a Muslim.

    • No, I'm just not a bleeding heart. You obviously were not in the military. Collateral damage happens & is unavoidable also necessary. These insurgents hide like cowards in schools, hospitals, mosques etc. I'm HAPPY that I have the right to move around the country in retaliative safety & don't have to answer to anyone when I do so thanks to my government & their fight against ISIS.
      I see you love the 1st amendment, thanks to my government. You cloak yourself in our freedoms yet whine about it. Why don't you do something about it? Go join ISIS & be a martyr for your cause. You have little to nothing to worry about in dirt kicker Illinois.

  • I just don't get the idea of collective responsibility. How can you rationally assert a collective entity is responsible for anything? Leaders can be said to be responsible for their decisions but how is a nation responsible? It's crazy.

    • It's called democracy, the nation voted them in.

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    • The problem is you can't wipe the slate and start over, that's the thinking behind the Reign of Terror and Pol Pot. You have to cobble together what you have and make what changes you can without too much risk of destabilization. No one has the knowledge or wisdom to design a perfect system for humans, we just have to patch things up as best we can and live with the imperfections.

    • Well we never will even get to patch things up with corporations leading the way.

  • Because America is the world's biggest international terrorist and oppressor.

    Domestically though, American men are oppressed by women. LOL

  • I am not sure I understand your logic. Are you suggesting that because America is at fault they should take responsibility? What America is responsible for, and what is in our best interests do not always line up. In the end the countries that last are the ones that look out for their own interests, and aren't worried about always doing the morally right thing.

    • Just asking a question. If The US has killed hundreds of thousands of Muslims in Muslim countries why are only Muslims banned from coming to the US?

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    • Strongest because of his numbers or because you think he is? Sanders will end up beating him regardless.

    • Strongest because of his numbers.