What would you do if you find out your child was committing crimes?

Someone has been terrorizing a city or moving from state to state, committing the same crimes (that can be anything ranging armed robbery to rape and murders) and the people are taking extreme measurements.

It goes on for a couple months and one day you find out it's your adult child doing it all while he/she's been trying to live a normal life. Note: You've tried everything to provide them a good life and they're just a bad seed.

Obviously I'll turn them in but I think afterwards, I would probably be suffering from long-term depression.


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  • I wouldn't have to turn them in. I'd have to turn myself in because I'd personally take him out.

    I'd be excessively upset he pulled garbage like that, BUT... I can't control his actions.

    As a parent, all you can do is try your best to raise them with good morals, teaching them right from wrong. Ultimately, it's their choice to follow those ideals you've taught or not.

    • True. Once they turn 18+, there isn't much to be done if they decide to go the wrong path.

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  • I'd turn my child in. I'd be very sad that they've done that but crime is crime.


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  • I would turn them in as well

  • I would turn them in. Just because they're my kid doesn't mean they're above the law


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