Do you think he got that im not interested at all when I only said "thanks"?

So this guy in my class compliments me pretty much everytime we meet, but Just recently he told me how this guy (he has a crush on him" is so cute, smart etc.

So I said "someone has a crush", so he said "well the same thing can be said about you, except you're more fun and interesting"

Do you think he got that im not interested at all when I only said "thanks"?


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  • I didn't get it - what did he mean by "the same thing can be said about you" ?

    • According to him he likes me/ thinks im also smart, funny, cute etc

    • But you said "someone has a crash" and he replied "the same can be said about you."

      In that context it meant that he was implying that YOU have a crush on someone.

    • I know...

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  • Is he bisexual?

    • Pansexual

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    • Oh well that's interesting... well he might have a crush on you!

    • I don't think your "thanks" let him know that you weren't interested. Some guys take that as you being interested... some guys are dumb... I don't know that guy, so I can't 100% tell you if he likes you or not :/ but if he does, take it as a compliment, because that means that he loves you as a person, not because of your looks :)


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  • I'm not understanding you. Are you interested in a guy who has a gay crush?

    • Where did you get that from?

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    • well from experience that not always the case.. so i guess only time will tell

    • Yup. But I wouldn't worry about it just keep living your life.