Why are many men such hypocrites?

Like for example, a couple of guys and I have called women bitches before that were being bitches to us and other guys we knew got pissed, but we know those guys called women bitches before too and they would do it again if they had the chance.. Stupid.


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  • Well your all assholes for starters. If you can call us bitches I can call you an asshole!😝
    I think it's who you call a bitch. Like if a guy called your girlfriend a bitch You would be offended right? Making you a hypocrite. Like if you called me a bitch right now I wouldn't be offended because you don't know me and I just called you an asshole. So those guys are just being stupid.

    • What guys are being stupid? The hypocrite ones?

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    • Are you talking about me judging or them?

    • No I'm talking about them. I mean your right it is stupid how people overreact when people make rude comments and they act like they haven't done it before. Is it rude to call someone a bitch or asshole? Yeah but people still do it and sometimes it's true.

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  • Hmmm... both men and women can be hypocrites. A lot of people both men and women say one thing and then do another.

    • Yes, but have you noticed what I say happening a lot?

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    • Auckland, New Zealand.

    • Oh I live in the United States?

  • Because they're humans and humans are hypocrites. Also I've never experienced what you said there. Maybe you're just around a bunch of pc bros

    • I experience this plenty of times and so have guys I have known. Also I experienced it a lot on here.