Do you ever fit winter/snow tyres on your car?

i just have in UK, now its gone super warm... typically...


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  • In Canada they're a must. Anything below 7C and you are better off with them. Good on you for actually putting them on, when I lived in the UK very few people did and so any snow you'd have the streets packed with cars abandoned once they got stuck.

    • thanks, yeah it was a fair outlay extra alloys plus tyres, even in wet it is sooo much better though. sure it'll be a big payback when proper winter does arrive

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    • sad thing is I will be waiting for some sod to hit me straight up the arse when they can't stop but i do...

    • Yup. There's only so much you can do to prevent that. Leave a big gap for the car in front (in case they slip back too) and if you see someone sliding you have space to move forward or around and out of their way. I lived in Wales so I was very aware of people sliding on hills!


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  • Never. I live in Fargo, ND where it snows from November to sometimes May. I just learned how to drive cautiously and safely: Stay calm, No sudden movements, accelerate and decelerate gradually, and if you start to slide don't stomp on the brakes. I've only lost complete control twice since I started driving and got out on my own both times. Practice makes perfect.

    • we British alas are rubbish in the snow...

    • And it all depends on how the roads are designed. From a civil engineering stand point roads in ND are designed different to be able to be used in snow. In Texas for example they are actually dangerous in half an inch of snow because they are designed for water runoff instead. There are a lot of factors. My advice is to do what you are comfortable with.

  • no. i just put it in 4 wheel drive when it snows (i don't drive in snow, though).

  • I just have the all season tire and it can go up to -40 to -45 degrees during winter in Alberta