Thoughts about dealing with social anxiety in terms of going out to watch a film alone?

This was obviously going to come sooner or later.

I'm thinking of going out to watch the new Star Wars film; I've not been out to the cinema in well over three-four years with my now ex-best friends, I do have one current friend who isn't that interested in watching it, so I've been left with just sticking it out alone I suppose.

I had a bad incident a few years ago which left me in a really bad place; I got attacked out one night, and had all of my toxic at-that-time friends mock me about it, I had multible broken fingers and fractures over my head/neck/knee area, I didn't really regain use in my hands until a year and a half later - I had depression, developed a alcohol problem, though now I'm doing a lot better I just still have moments of social anxiety.

I live in a fairly populated city south west England, I live roughly 5-10 minutes walk from the cinema, usually always very crowded.

When is best to go where lines are minimal?
Any tips to deal with crowds?


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  • you should hash these things out with a therapist who specializes in trauma and social anxieties. It could be a dangerous move to do this, you don't want to set yourself back. Start a relationship with a therapist and work through the problems. good luck!