Should I drink a little before my holiday party tomorrow night?

Here's the thing, we have this awful holiday party at my work which is really a 3 hour staff meeting in disguise. The worst part is we're a drug rehab so there's absolutely NO ALCOHOL, but some of my coworkers told me they chugged some wine before they went. I kind of want to drink a few beers before I go, do you think I'll get caught? Is there anyway to mask alcohol breath?


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  • There isn't any way to mask alcohol breath, if you get close to someone they will smell it because it seeps out of your pores, if you really want to have some beer or wine, just say you came from an early dinner with someone x


What Guys Said 1

  • Drink one of those small scope bottles before you go in.

    • To mask your breath. Chug 'em dude, you're gonna need it.