She hasn't answered my message yet? Have no idea whats going on?

so i have know her since we started high school, and we were never super close friends, but we good classmates. She is really polite and sweet and is one of the nicest person i know (from what i have seen)

About 3-4 months ago she messaged me asking how i was doing, and asked me if i had moved (i had updated that i had moved on facebook) and told me to message her when i was back on town. i asked her questions back etc. Just any normal convo.

But when i came back and mesaged her asking how she was she never answered... Its not like her at all. She has been logged on, but she hasn't "seen" the message yet. I didn't expect any respons right away, but it has been over a day now.. and she posted a pic on her snapchat story.

I dont know how to interperate this, any ideas?

i just got another snap from her.. but still no answer to my message


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  • She may be busy with something else.


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