Does wearing foundation cause your skin to start looking older and wrinkly before its time?

I just want to know because I have some serious blemishes that I want to cover up, but not to where my skin starts to look older and more raggedy.


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  • That is what they say yes but, if i can give you advice, try to used water based products and make up. Those are mostly unharmless. When i had pimples i used this Garnier eye roller (loool) based on water and when i putted it on the pimples they dry out and it didn't get worse. Look for water based products i'd say ;)


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  • Try using a primer before. You might not be using the right colour for you either. Have you spoken to the makeup counter lady/someone at Sephora etc?

    • Yes I have. She's told me and used the colors that look natural on me. It looked and felt really good. But I'm wondering if wearing that stuff all the time will eventually ruin a person's face?

    • I have never heard of that, but continually putting chemicals on your skin can make it look dull, especially if your cleanser isn't removing everything. A good exfoliating wash once or twice a week can help with that, as well as a balanced diet.

    • Thank u so much

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