For people that live where it's really cold?

Or gets really cold.
I was telling a story to a friend that reminded me of when I was younger & it would sometimes get really cold (20f or below) we use to take the toy (?) that you you to blow into & make soap bubbles. we use to take them outside & they freeze almost instantly. When you pop them it's like fine crystal breaking.
Did anybody else ever do this?

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  • That sounds so awesome! I have never seen snow so it sounds like something straight out of Alice in Wonderland to me! I would love to try it 😃😃😃


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  • I live in Indiana and yeah.. It gets really cold here. I'm so used to it though so being outside in it is more torture than enjoyable. But if I was new to the snow I would probably be in love because it's so pretty. The cold is just not fo me thoughhhh.


What Guys Said 2

  • I've lived in Alaska for eight years, and I still haven't done the boiling water in 0 degree weather thing.
    I'd like to do both things at some point

  • Olivia gets very cold but never tried it