I dont know if im just stupid or is something wrong with me?

My hole life I've maked up lies about things for people to feel bad for me to think im cool or not even I would lie to a complete stranger for no reason I don't know y I am this way


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  • You aren't stupid at all. People tend do that because it makes them feel accepted. Usually people who do that are not happy in their life, and they have low self- esteem. You want people to like you so you lie

    The only problem with lying like , is... if people did discover you are lying they'll feel betrayed and deceived by you. They'll even start to question every truth


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  • it doesn't make you stupid, but it's fucking obnoxious. i mean making shit up just to get attention is pretty pointless.

    • I understand that I don't do it on propose it just comes outvi don't even think about it just say it

    • how do you lie without thinking about it? you have to actually come up with something to be able to lie and keep it consistent.

    • I've grow to easy lie and ill slip it just ill stretch the truth so much its just hard not to my mind does it

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  • It's never too late to change