Is it a bad idea to contact a guy just to have someone to hang out with and maybe hook up with?

is it wrong to contact a guy just because you're lonely, wan to go out drinking and maybe get some action out of it? by the way when i say "hook up" or "action", im talking about everything except sex.

Im home from the holidays, and after breaking it off with a friend i barely see my other friends. I went on two dates with this guy, i got the impressiom he really liked me, but i liked him a lot on the first date and not so much on the second date ( no spesific reason, still dont know why) so it didn't work out.

im also considering contacting this second guy for the same reason.. we went on one date togheter


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  • No, do you boo

    • you dont think he would mind? i haven't spoken to him since this summer

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    • okay! i'll try! thanks

    • Thanks for the MHO!

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  • I don't think its bad, however you want to make sure you both are on the same page and you're not leading them on to think you want something more!


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  • Go for it... Wish i could

  • Just remember, guys have feelings too!!

    • true... i'll ofc tell him im not after dating

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    • Well the thing is that im not going to have sex with him, the farest i'll go is fingering and handjobs.. you think he would be ok with that?

    • He should be happy with what ever happens

  • Only if you make it clear what you're after and don't lead his ass on.


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