What would you buy?

Hey everyone! My family and I have a small business, and was wondering what you would like to buy? The overarching idea of our business is "Life's Great Deals." I'm trying to get data on what most people prefer! It would be a huge help if you guys could vote! Thanks! Feel free to give your opinion!

  • Makeup (brushes, makeup remover, etc).
    33% (2)0% (0)14% (2)Vote
  • Hair products (hair spray, hair gel, etc).
    33% (2)12% (1)21% (3)Vote
  • Jewelry (rings, necklaces, etc).
    0% (0)12% (1)7% (1)Vote
  • Customized clothes (t-shirts, sweat pants, etc).
    34% (2)76% (6)58% (8)Vote
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  • I think I'd go for clothes more than the other products.