Do you believe in any urban legends?

I just read about the shadow people legend and it actually happened to me a long time ago.
So basically the legend is that all these people wake up in the middle of the night and they see this figure of a man in their room, but its not a man, its like nothing but shadow. A lot of people see them moving across their room or even go right up to them.
When it happened to me, it was just standing there staring at me. It was the scariest fucking thing thats ever happened to me. I cried to be honest


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  • No, I don't believe in any urban legends. My favorite one is the black eyed children. Kinda creepy 😬


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  • Could you move at all? Were you stuck to the bed like you were being held down? If so, then you might have experienced sleep paralysis, and that shadow figure you witnessed could just be the hallucination you saw because you've already heard of that urban legend before you went to bed. I suggest you go read more about sleep paralysis because lots of other people had the exact same experience you have. Other people may have experienced it a little differently, but the effects of all of those experiences basically boil down to the same phenomenon.

    • I was frozen for a few seconds because I was so frightened by it. Then I was able to pull the covers over my head

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    • @JustinTheGreat
      Well, you should try and see why that happens. Try searching for some legitimate explanations on this thing you've experienced because it sounds different from what I originally thought was sleep paralysis.

    • Alright I will, thanks


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  • Lol it call "shadow people". Whether or not this fringe event is true or not they are mostly harmless. Just close ur eye and try to sleep, and pull the blanket up.

  • I believe in actual urban legends. Ones about horrible things happening because people do stupid things or gang related urban legends.

  • No because none of that shit is real no such thing as any of that super natural non sense. If you can't see it or touch it it doesn't exist.