How do you dye clothes?

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so like the question states... how do you dye clothing? I saw a woman dyed her jumpsuit with out having the clothing on a pot on the fire (moms version) but am wondering which is the correct way? Using water in the bucket or having it in a pot on the stove over the heat?



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  • It can be done both ways actually. If you use the bucket method , only add hot water to the bucket , it does the same as on the stove except the water doesn't stay hot as long obviously. The hot water softens the material thus allowing the dye to penitate it more evenly. Remember the longer you leave the material in the dye the deeper the color will be. Rinse it in cold water to set the color

    • @bryon so by step by step , could you pls tell me how you do the bucket method?

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    • Thank you young Lady

    • np :) @bryon

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  • I've read somewhere that you can dye clothes in the washer. Instead of putting detergent in, you just put the dye. I don't know what temperature would be a good idea though, but that's something you could probably find on the dye's label.

    • @lumos wow, first time am hearing this

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