Girls, Can some females take notice if a guy isn't confident even when he's not speaking?


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  • Yes: If he has slouched or very mild body language, doesn't make eye contact, points away from the crowd, doesn't interact with people very much. It's pretty simple really.

  • Yeah it can be kind of obvious...

  • I think so.

    For example, I work out at the gym several days out of the week. There are the guys who lift heavy and grunt and slam the weights down on the ground when they're done. It's hard not to notice them because of all the noise they're making; however, they're being noticed for the wrong reasons. This kind of guy wants to come off as confident, but yet he's seeking attention by making all that noise.

    On the other hand, personally, I tend to notice the guy minding his business and doing his thing, the guy who lifts the same amount of weight as the guy who is grunting and slamming weights down, but is able to do it quietly and move on to his next workout or set... to me, this shows that he's confident in himself, doesn't need attention, and just does what he came there for.

    So, yes, I think it's definitely possible for females to notice that a guy is confident even when he's not speaking.