Okay, You are dead, in this scenario who do you want to bring you to the afterlife?

For me it would be my deceased Significant Other
Or possibly death from Sandman
Yes this question is morbid

  • Deceased family member
    Vote A
  • Deceased Significant Other
    Vote B
  • Death (Sandman)
    Vote C
  • Generic Grim reaper
    Vote D
  • Death (Discworld)
    Vote E
  • God
    Vote F
  • Other Explain
    Vote G
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  • Donald Trump so that he could call the Devil a loser.

    • This implies you want to go to hell, have you like been a bad person

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    • I do not worship steve jobs, I hate the man.

    • I really dislike apple products.
      They cost more yet have inferior processing power.
      They cost more yet I can't play games on them that I could on a lower cost computer or laptop