I need help please?

So, I was raised with my dad beating me and my mom, they split I didn't ever get to see my mom. She randomly comes back 8 years later and I spend a weekend with her. I treated my mom like carp and never apologized. When she left the last thing she said was by then she left crying. I got a call 3 days later saying she was in a car accident and was in the hospital. My dad wouldn't let me see her and this morning she passed away. I'm confused, I think it's my fault for being a dick half my life to her and never even said sorry. Please help me.


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  • The sad thing is she's gone and you can't even talk to her but she's watching over you and if you believe that, then you can tell her whatever you need tell her and she'll know, it's up to you

    • Thank you, I just donf know, I'm really screwed up. My thoughts of life are going down hill right now. And my anxiety is starting to get worse. I need help.

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    • Can I message you

    • Feel free

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  • It's tough, but you're justified in being angry at her for not being in your life.

    • But I'm angry at myself because I caused her grief in her life

    • That's very understandable. It's not your fault though. I want to make that clear. You played no role in her grief personally. Her situation with your father ultimately caused the grief.

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  • So sorry to hear this. It's is certainly not your fault that your mom got in a car accident but let this be a lesson in your future to never hold grudges, and accept that we only have one life and we should try our best to enjoy it. Your mom is looking down on you, and you should try to become a better man for yourself and for her. Good luck to you!

  • I would resent a parent who was missing from my life like that leaving me with the remaining abusive parent. It's understandable you were like that towards her. Then she passes away before you can straighten it out. You're having a hard life. I think, being a Mom myself that your mother understood and couldn't have held it against you. You can take this experience to develop into a stronger person and maybe be ahead of the game for your age. I am sorry for your loss.


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  • No it's not your fault. Your mom dissapeared out of your life for 8 years and I doubt she expected a warm welcome when she came to visit which in your case totally normal. Even though she left crying if that were the case she got to see you again.