Why do hottest chicks get lowest rates and ugliest chicks get highest rates on here?

y'all lowkey filling their inbox? What?

@tony72722 @consultantisback wtf is this dark sorcery?
So this dude here @tomsta says he rate them low but later ask for their tit pics in their inbox


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  • Never really noticed. Oh well, the idea of being rated out 10 fills me dread anyway.

    • It's all over this website and yet they only hide questions asked by hot chicks lol

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    • The problem is if you answer such questions honestly if the girl is not hot people will shit on you. I called one girl a 6.5, she cursed me out called me ugly and went on about how hot she and how all the guys want her. I rather not answer those questions at all.

    • whyd u even care about them bitching? Just block them lol

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  • Hot chicks are labelled attention whores. Ugly chicks are told they're attractive to not screw with their self esteem.

    It's bs cause the topic is called "how do I look" so hot chicks should be allowed to ask those questions and get honest ratings.

    Usually it's other girls who give bad ratings to hot chicks, pure jealousy I'd say.

    • Clear mho here. Look at this dude @tomsta admitting he rate em low and ask for their tits in inbox lmao

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    • What's the point of lying, most guys here have done it a couple of times, i'm no exception

    • But i don't rate low, i normally rate what i believe


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  • People are afraid to hurt the girls feelings.

  • no they don t.
    some gagers just don t like attention whores :P

    • Or they are nerds who can't get laid and blame hot chicks for that or jelous sloots. Inb4 Elliot Rodgers

    • there is of both I have to say

    • Yep both of them, yea (90% of site) lol

  • Lmao, I noticed that too


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