Does anybody like Yankee Candles?

I recently bought the Lemon Lavendar flavour, it is good for getting me relaxed and in the mood for bed. I used to have the Black Cherry flavour, which had a really nice fragrance.

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  • I've never tried them, but I want to.
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  • I've never tried them and have no intention of doing so.
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I know that candles are a bit girly but I like them lol.


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  • I have a lavender scented one in my room. The smell is really relaxing and is good for my college stress. I just burn it an hour before i go to bed and my room smells great all night.

    • Yes the lavender a very good stress reliever. I like to put it on after I finish work for a few hours :)

    • thanks for MHO

    • That's ok, I like you answer because you can appreciate the wonderful lavender scent!

      I'd also like to thank everybody else for their answers :D

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  • I love Yankee candles!!! My fave is beach walk!

    • I haven't tried Beach Walk, what is it like?

    • To me it's a clean almost soapy smell, my mom's fave is pink sands which I don't love as much as she does.

    • Oh cool, I may try it in the near future.

  • I haven't tried them but I really want to 😊

  • I like them I wish the scent was a little stronger I can sometimes barely smell it

    • I find that when I am in the room with the candle on I lose the scent, but if I go out of the room and come back in, I'm hit with a wonderful smell :)

  • I've never tried them

    • You should because they are amazing (if you like that that sort of thing).

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