Are some secrets meant to never be revealed?

A couple years ago when I was in my first year of college, I slept with my brother's then girlfriend while drunk. She broke up the following month but never told him the real reason.

Anyway he was kind of devastated for weeks about the break-up and coming to me for comfort but nope he never found out it was me who played a role in that. I've been dealing with this guilt for the longest but decided not to ever tell him.


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  • You're a massive asshole for what you did, but in the long run you kinda did your brother a favour since his ex turned out to be a slag.

    If you tell him, you'll technically "restore the balance" and all that shit, but is it really for your brother's benefit or to just clear your own conscience?


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  • Some secrets should stay kept secret and never revealed. Your brother will get over the break up and it won't be relevant again. But you can never say it because if he finds out sometime in the future he will be mad and will cause a problem in your relationship with him


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  • This is gonna hunt you ur entire life. Better tell her...

  • Damn you are a douche. Maybe keep ot to yourself but make sure it doesn't happen again.

    • I know and I had to live with that. I was drunk and not thinking by then. On top of that, it sucks that I can't even tell to a potential girlfriend, him nor anyone else about my first time because that was really my first time, a regret.

    • Other option is to tell him. He'll be mad but since he is your brother he will most likrey get over it. And you'll get it off your shoulders. Obviously this bothers you.

  • The guilt is yours alone to carry for the wrong you did, let your conscience be your guide brother.


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  • It's not your fault. She was no good for him anyway and would have broken up with him regardless of your actions. So don't feel guilty about it, just comfort your brother and be there for him. That's all you can do for him now.

  • I do not care.

    • Then don't reply if you aren't even going to say anything.

    • I am saying something. I am saying it doesn't matter.

      "Oh I feel guilty because I fucked my brothers girlfriend, let me keep this secret to myself, EXCEPT POST IT ON THE INTERNET!"

      Okay, bro, it's whatever. You're a little shit. Good job.

  • I don't think anything good would come from telling him

    • Selfish kids want to feel better at the cost of others. That's why he's here. To feel better. At the cost of his own brother no less.

      What an asshole.