How to overcome my anxiety of driving?

I need to start practicing, but it's preventing me to ever drive again... what should i do?


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  • The only way to overcome it is driving. I know how you feel, when I started to drive I made so many mistakes that I started being a little afraid of driving again and start messing things up. But I realized that I'd never get better if I didn't practice. Then I started driving more and more and today I love it!

    So, just drive! Let things happen, you'll see that it's no big deal.

    • What about the high way and the busy streets?

    • I avoided them in the beginning... well, my town is small there are no highways, but the streets downtown are indeed busy because of the great number of tourists here every day. With the time though, you also get used to them.

  • Drive more it will become normal over time.

  • Go somewhere very few people are and start there then buildit up from there


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