Not caring the best approach to Teaching Girlfriend about Relationships? and dump them if they do wrong?

So i'm 24 and over the years i learned that the best way for someone to learn is to figure things out for themselves. You can tell them all day but most people won't listen.

My girlfriend said she doesn't see anything wrong with going to a club when i can't come and dancing with other guys since i'm not there. She doesn't see anything wrong with guys touching her if it's just dancing.

I told her that she should know what people should or shouldn't be able to do but it's a bit disrespectful. I will dump her if she does any of that but i don't think she realises that girls may think a club is an innocent place but a lot of guys go there to fuck and touch girls


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What Girls Said 2

  • Going to the club is one thing, but guys grinding on you and touching you is inappropriate, I agree.

  • She's stupid and I agree with you.

    • she responded with "it's just dancing". "i don't know about you but I really love dancing"

What Guys Said 1

  • DUDE!! My ex did the same, only once but once was enough to end the relationship! It was the best decision ever. If she wants to love her life like a single then she should not get into relationships. I suggest you do the same like i did. Don't let them fool with you man. This is basic knowledge and such girls even lack that.

    • She's genuinely very naive and she's very friendly but it's irritating because she's friendly to the extent that she doesn't like making people feel uncomfortable or stopping them from doing things

    • I see, it feels lile she doesn't know the limits because she doesn't want to disappoint anyone. Keep an eye on her man or you could be cheated on, especially if she goes out to clubs and such without you. I'd be worried