Grade 12-Anyone have any advice for me?

Next year I'm going into grade 12 and I was wondering if anyone had any advice for me. I'm a girl at a girls only school if that makes any dirfference.


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  • I say that it would be really good if you study day by day, I mean at home, try to study and repeat whatever you take in class at the same day, so that nothing will left and you will not be stressed with your studies. Leaving everything to the last day before exam is the worst thing one can do. Also organizing your time is a really good tip for that, now what you want to do, or have to do, and organize your day based on that.

    I really wish if I did back in 12 grade, I guess I could have had better results and maybe I would be in a better position in life than where I'm now, not saying it's bad, but then again, I could have had a better chances. I always wanted to study medicine and in my country you have to got at least 98% in 12 grade in order to study medicine, I unfortunately got 81% and ended up leaving my country and coming here to Germany, And even here in Germany they requires high grades too to study medicine. I might study Mechanicl engineering.

    I know you didn't ask about the story of my life lol, but as you can see, if I did study more in 12 grade and if I didn't waste my time, I would have made my dream to study medicine, so maybe you can take my mistake as a lesson to not waste your time and go well in school.

    I wish you the best of luck in this grade:)


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  • Still work on your grades and volunteering/clubs. In my opinion that shows uniqueness and effort because a lot of kids slack of their senior year or don't even show up for half of the day.


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  • Yeah sure, enjoy your last year, its the easiest and most fun.

  • Try to keep your grades high since that's the one they look at for college


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