Do you think that you deserve respect just because of your (senior; 60+ years old) age?

Why is it that some senior citizens feel that they are above the law?

Just judging by the way that some of them drive makes me wonder whether the entitled generation is not generation, but rather hereditary.

Do you think that you deserve respect just because of you're* (senior; 60+ years old) age?
Fuck, I was right the first time.

Do you think that you deserve respect just because of you're* (senior; 60+ years old) age?


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  • I believe that respect can only be earned. The only thing given is civility. The elderly or indeed any stranger can expect me to be civil but I'm not about to "respect" them right off the bat.


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  • You can't use old people not being good behind the wheel as an excuse to call them entitled. They haven't always driven that way.

    I have always respected people 60+ years old. Not uniformly but I'm always polite. They've walked in my shoes but I haven't theirs.

    My grandmothers were two very impressive ladies by modern standards. One living through the depression.

    Living and feeding her family literally off the land, she was an amazing cook with great kids. The other was a real Rosie the Riveter during the war and that was a persona she kept throughout he life. She was a very strong, smart and fair lady.

    My parents still live in the house I grew up in and every Christmas we have our elderly Dutch neighbor over who used to bathe me. Only a few years ago did I get to hear her talk about being in high school in Holland during WWII, occupied by Germany and how they would catch boys on the street in their way home from school and pick them up and load them into he back of a truck off to war.

    Age does make you wiser. Not all stories are as interesting as those but I've rarely been bored listening to a senior citizen talk. They've done a lot of living and you'd be wise to listen.

  • The phrase "respect your elders". Everyone deserves respect regardless of age. There shouldn't be any difference.

    • What is the origin of the phrase "respect your elders?"

      Well there is a phrase "suck my dick," too, but do you do that everyone someone says that?

  • I always respect my elders but if they are cranky and rude then i lose the respect for that individual regardless of their age, but generally yes i respect them.

    • Do you believe that respect is given or earned?

    • Respect is always earned, but i was raised to respect my elders.

    • Thats cool. I see things differently, though.

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  • I do believe that older humans deserve respect. After all they've gone from insipid adulthood (what does insipid mean, anyway?) to no-bullshit adulthood.