Do you ever get guilty butterflies?

Sometimes out of no where I will butterflies in my stomach but guilty ones like I don't know how to describe it and I was wondering if I'm the only one who has?

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  • no i neever do anything unhonorable.

    • It's not that I feel guilty because I get them at random moments

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    • Apple24 knows everything

    • I never said that lol! But anyway... if its nothing just ignore it.

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  • the getting butterlfies is basically producing adrenaline, which causes the blood to flow in your limbs and out of your stomach. basically make you ready to fight and run away.
    when you say random moments, maybe you think on stressful things or you are in a stressful situation. if you are an introvert like me lots of people might stress you out, if you are in public.
    you said something about guilt butterflies and you claim that you are not feeling guilty, could you explain that? :)

  • Mainly only when I'm going to meeting with big shot business executives

  • I know no guilt.

    • It's not that I feel guilty because it's a random moments I could be thinking of nothing and I'll get them

    • That's excellent.

    • Thanks I try

  • Sorry i put yes by accident, i meant to pug No


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