Girlfriend wants to break up because I didn't get a good enough Gift for her for Christmas?

Ok so I've often told my girlfriend that I really care about her, that she means a lot to me.

She once asked me, "what are your new years resolutions?"

to which i replied. "i usually don't make new years resolutions, i think if i want to make changes or do something new, i don't like having to wait till one time of the year to do it. I do it right now". She replied "makes sense"

Now... with that example I thought she'd understand where i come from. So I often buy her gifts, small things to bigger, taking her to restaurants, buying her chocolates etc.

I told her, I didn't know what to get her for Christmas. I was trying to figure out the perfect gift. So I bought her expensive chocolates and I said "this is a placeholder for now". I told her that I really care about her but like new years resolutions, I don't want there to be only one time of the year where I show you how much you mean to me. So I told her that I will always give her things to show that.

But she see's it as me not caring because it wasn't a good enough present and she said she thought Christmas would be special because it was our first. she wants to break up


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  • She sounds like a gold digger. She's supposed to be your girlfriend not a prostitute you buy affection from with expensive or regular gifts and money. If I were you I'd be the one ending it because she obviously has no feelings or respect for you. Relationships shouldn't be based on gifts alone.


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  • Wow man that sucks. Some girls like a lot of gifts for holidays. To her she expected more witch sucks. Maybe to save your relationship try getting her flowers and another gift or two. It sucks she didn't see what you was trying to do. But I get it.

    • i don't get why it's necessary! for gifts only on Christmas. she's even buddhist too. I mean i could have just bought her something random and she may have not liked it. but she thinks i just don't care because i didn't

    • Yeah that is true gifts can be for any time. I feel she shouldn't be making Christmas into a big deal like that. True if you brought her something random she may not have liked it. I thought Buddhist are more humble then that. I think you cared at least you got her something. It's the thought that counts. Maybe she wanted jewelry.


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  • You know what buddy, that is a "MATERIALISTIC GIRL". She chooses material over you? For real bruhhhh. How are you even gonna cope with her if you ever get married to her? You ain't gonna be having diamond rains everyday LOOOOL

    • She bought me a gift, which were snow goggles like i was trying to buy. the instant i knew she bought me something i wanted my stomach sank... because i felt she'd use it against me later on. my birthday i a few days later and she bought me a backpack even if i have one. .

      she was most upset because her family were asking her what i got her for Christmas. one of her friends did'nt have a gift so she gave my chocolates to him and didn't answer when they asked her what i got her.

      i didn't go to the family dinner because i'm not used to having family and despite it being Christmas i was really worried and anxious about what they'd think of me so i never went. now it's held against me

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  • She's immature and materialistic. You are better off without her.

  • I would definitly leave her.