If you're depressed and bored what should you do :( ?

Like really too many problems in the country and school is stupid I am really depressed what should I do then?


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  • Well you can embarsssed tell someone your inner thoughts or you can do like most people and cry it out!


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  • Go running? You'll meet some new people while you do. Talking to people will make you a bit happier.


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  • You should look at the big picture in your life. Don't worry about the country; there's nothing that you can really do. Anyway, school maybe dumb but it will open opportunities if you are entering a money making major. Ideally, you need to have a goal and create a plan on how you will reach that goal. Write that goal and post it in your room where you can see it everyday. There were times in my life, I wouldn't give up because things got hard, but I'm glad I didn't. When I feel depressed today, I look at my paycheck. I feel a little bit better afterwards.

    • I won't leave school lol I wanna be an architect but I am really depressed from the country really :(

    • There's nothing that you can do about it now. Unless you do a community project or start a protest, then you might. One day, you could run for office or obtain an influential job, but honestly, there's not much you can do for now.

  • Do something new