New Years Resolutions Pointless? anyone agree that it shouldn't just be one time of the year you're willing to change?

I never seen the point in there only be one time of the year where i acknowledge a flaw.

I feel if i want to change or do something, i do it now


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  • Different people, different plan. I hate when people get mad at someone's "new year resolution". Who knows? The person might have work hard for all years to succeed and they believe a particular year would be their year? Let them be, as long as everyone is at peace and does not cause trouble.

    • I suppose. .. but that's like me believing me wearing my favourite socks will dictate how good the weather will be

    • For me, I don't believe it that way. See, everyone is different. I wish nothing but for everyone to achieve the good things hmm...

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  • It shouldn't, but it's enough motivation for some people to start. Having motivation to better yourself isn't such a bad thing. I don't see how "you should have started yesterday!" Is a reason to not start today if it happens to be new years.


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  • I agree.. But it makes a good point to yourself... I tell my self, by this time next year.. I want to quit smoking- and i did! By 6 months/3 months (by who u ask)... The "from this day im not going to" never works...