IS HE JEALOUS? why did he say I like him?

i was talking to my crush on facebook and my crush sent me a cute selfie so i replied "cute:)"

i left my phone on my table when i went to talk to my friend across the room about it cause i was so excited. after i returned to my seat, i noticed that this weird guy who's seat is kinda close to mine (he always looks at me for no reason its kinda weird) and he was kinda looking at my direction.

2 days later he starts telling people i want to kiss him or i like him.. something along those lines. clearly i dont. he doesn't have my number and we aren't even friends on facebook.

do you think he saw my message to my crush and got jealous?

  • he saw your message to your crush when you were away & got jealous
    33% (1)50% (1)40% (2)Vote
  • he saw your message to your crush but he's not jealous
    33% (1)0% (0)20% (1)Vote
  • he didn't see your message but he thinks you like another guy
    0% (0)0% (0)0% (0)Vote
  • he didn't see your message. the timing was a coincidence. he would've said it anyway
    34% (1)50% (1)40% (2)Vote
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  • I think you should confront him and ask him what is this all about.