Can you be friends with someone that doesn't care about you at all? They have no empathy, caring or sympathy because that is how they are wired. ?

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  • Okay I say this not to be mean, but having no empathy can be signs of psychopathy and I feel like it is not good to be friends with someone like that. It isn't good for your own health. And if they were your friend they'd care about you. That's what a friend is basically.

    • He has a form of Asperger's and has little to no empathy and almost no true sympathy.

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  • Some people have had hard lives.. And it changes you a lot... It might just be more dificult for them to care about you

    • Maybe yes in many cases but this person is just wired that way.

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    • Well, i think a majority of people are like that... He just doesn't hide it... I just wouldn't rely on him... Or to payback a loan... Dont give him what you can't afford to lose... But the real question is- can YOU put up with him? Maybe you can do thongs differently so it doesn't affect you so much?

    • Well yes that is the question if I can put up with him. I think actually the majority if not 90% or more of people are capable of feeling empathy. I'm not saying they choose to do the right thing but most people feel that and guilt. God he is such a pain though.

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