How many other people have noticed this?

The chat bar either on the right or left of your facebook page, shows up in the order of who last viewed YOUR profile.

Facebook says that its not that but i know better. The person who is number one on my chat list is my crush... we dont really talk much at all while facebook says your friends order on the chatlist is who you communicate the most with and thats not true. Number 2 on that list is my uncle. we rarely talk either and i do believe he visits my profile a lot.

Anyone else care to explain this better than me? Am I right?


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  • I haven't, and the order seems pretty arbitrary to me...
    But you can test this easily by telling a friend to visit your profile like 20 times a day or so, and see if that influences anything. Pretty easy to check, but don't expect facebook to admit anything, and they can change this whenever they want without giving any satisfaction to anybody

  • Lol it would be awesome if it you are right. I pick on my buddies finance for being first on my chat list saying she's stalking my Facebook profile lol. I dont think that is the case but it would be cool if it were.


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  • I dont give a fuck
    I hate FB