What's up with my boyfriend?

My boyfriend has been in a bad mood all afternoon. He's even been bossing my friends around. He and his friend and they're son were watching Peppa Pig one of the animals on there screamed his friend said " she yells like a little girl " my boyfriend got mad and yelled " SHE IS A GIRL ! " he got mad because she thought she was a boy. Then his friend was singing Watch Me Nae Nae he got mad and said " Would you stop singing that it's starting to annoy me ! ". He was buying some songs on iTunes he got mad because iTunes kept asking for his password every time. He's never acted like this before. He wasn't feeling well last night we were also up late. We're in a play we have rehearsal tonight I told him he needs to go to bed when we get home. He got mad at me. My friends uncle was putting together a play set for his nephew he kept getting in the way of the tv he got mad and whined " Move ! ". He's 26 years old he's acting like he's 6. I asked him if he was feeling ok he said yes but I don't think he is I'm worried about him he's never done this before. What's up with him? Why is he acting this way?


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  • He just seems really stressed about something. Maybe the play? You're his boyfriend so he should be able to trust you with his feelings, you know? Maybe when he seems relatively calm, you can just let him know that you are there for him if he wants to talk and that you care if something is bothering him and want to help him feel better. Let him know if you need space, you'll give it to him, or whatever he needs. :)


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  • Sounds like he's feeling guilty about something, maybe getting his meat from another butcher so ask him about it.