I can't stay faithful since he cheated?

So my boyfriend cheated on me a year ago and since then I just feel like there's no point in being faithful. I feel like he was the man of my life but he's not anymore because of it. We have been on and off and I always tell him I want a break when I want to go flirt with another guy. Tonight I kissed a guy while we are still together. I'm gona end it with him tomorrow. I just feel like there's no point in being faithful anymore because he broke my trust and I can't trust him anymore. there's no more trust so there's no point.

Am I worst?


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  • I think by breaking it off with him is best for you and probably the best decision you can make. He cheated and if you feel like there's no point to the relationship and respect shouldn't be shown in it by being unfaithful then why stay in it? It's unhealthy. It's best you end it with someone who you can't even trust. Once a cheater always a cheater


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  • When there is cheating it's time to call it quits.


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  • what a heartbreaking story. i hope you find a true lover