Residents of England. How mysterious clown make you feel?


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  • they did that back in America a year or two ago. maybe even three years ago. some clown scaring people by just standing there. creepy as hell.

    • Aw fuck now they have them here.
      Hell the scariest horror writer of our time is from the U. S and wrote a clown story
      IT by Stephen king
      Did you know that the writing the last page of Pet Semetary took months to write because Stephen King was so disturbed by what he needed to write

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    • The protagonist goes home and waits for his wife to come back.
      The last page has the wife come home,
      put her hand on his shoulder and say "darling."
      It ends there

    • TVtropes said it best
      King has said his goal was to write a novel too scary to be read all the way through, and many critics said he came uncomfortably close to accomplishing it. It's still regarded by many as the scariest thing he's ever written.

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