How is it possible to have Multiple Personality Disorder & the personalities don't know of the other?

Ya I know see a psyc? I am. I know this question is way off the norm for this site but I'm looking for some insite into this disorder.


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  • Imagine a room with three doors. There are three different people; each one enters and exits through a different one of those doors. When one person enters the room, the other two doors automatically lock and they do not unlock until the room is again vacant. Each of the three people spends a significant amount of time in the room but they never meet each other.

    • I get the basics but how is it even possible

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    • I know this other person exists there is proof left behind.

    • Remember that we are talking about subconscious "tricks" or "games" that all get played out in a sick mind.

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  • My warning to you... many people on here talk a good game, without knowing shit. While many are knowledgeable about many things, when it come to needing the correct answers to important medical issues, see a doctor.

    That said, I will say that I have no experience, but have read a bit. Like someone said, your mind can have dreams that you do not remember when you wake, or maybe just a trace of memory. Same kind of thing in multiple personalities, though the mechanism may be totally different. Two (or more) personalities that take over at different times, because the part of you that maintains your consciousness may be a bit different and allow totally different consciousnesses at different times.

    Another possibility is that one personality may be aware of the other, but not the other way around. In fact, one personality may actually be behind a screen observing the other one the whole time.

    Welcome to this site, by the way. :-)

    • Thanks for the warning. I was here years back. By the way I am seeking the proper help. I was just hoping some one with first hand experience "themselves or close friend". nothing of real importance.

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    • Hope you stay around this time, then. :-)

    • Yes me to

  • It is an extremely fair mental disorder in real life and many psychologists do believe that it is actually real at all. I can't tell you much about it because there really isn't that much resurch dine on it. It is a pretty cool concept which is why you see it so often in movies or books.

    • I was beginning to think I'm losing my grip on reality.

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    • Mine is even less. Just big gaps with nothing to fill in. Then the odd sense of deju vu.

    • Not likely multiple personalities so much as memory issues. But consulting a professional can't hurt.

  • That it is.

    • Do you have experience with it or someone you know?

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    • Thanks for your insight.

    • No problem, glad to help, hope you get some resolve

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